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Elmiron Side Effects

Our law firm is evaluating claims for an Elmiron Lawsuit. Recent studies have found that patients that have been prescribed and use Elmiron have developed Maculopathy, an eye disorder that can lead to blindness. The manufacturer of Elmiron has failed to fully test the drug prior to its release and warn patients of the dangers of using the drug. As reported in the Journal of Ophthalmology, patients that have been prescribed and used the drug Elmiron have developed Maculopathy. The studies have found that patents that use Elmiron have experienced the follow symptoms:

  • Having difficulty reading;
  • Difficulty of eyes adjusting to darkness;
  • Difficulty seeing close objects;
  • Vision becomes dim;
  • Spot of vision lost in the field of vision.
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Elmiron Lawsuit Eligibility

Do I Qualify?

Our lawyers are looking for people who have been taking Elmiron for at least two years and have suffered vision side effects following their usage of the drug within a year's time. If you have developed a vision problem or eye condition within a year of taking Elmiron, you may qualify for a lawsuit with our firm.


Maculopathy is an ocular disease that can lead to vision loss by deteriorating the back of the retina, an area known as the macula. Early side effects can include difficulty reading and having trouble centralizing vision. By 2018, research had shown Elmiron's negative effects and toxicity on the macula, leading to irreversible vision impairment and blindness.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Elmiron's producer, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, is being accused of failing to accurately warn Elmiron users of its potential vision side effects. The drug has shown evident signs of toxicity all the while being on the market since the 1990s. Our firm is currently representing those who have suffered irreparable vision loss and other side effects after using Elmiron for at least two years. 

Elmiron Lawsuit Updates:

  • 2018: Emory Eye Center presents data revealing pigmentary maculopathy following usage of Elmiron in patients 
  • 2019: Kaiser Permanente study shows greater levels of toxicity in patients who took higher dosages of Elmiron over an extended period of time than those who took less
  • 2020: Drs. R. Vora, P. Patel and R. Melles presented that patients who took more than 1,500g of Elmiron had the highest risk of toxicity, linking Elmiron to it's leading negative side effect of toxic maculopathy

Frequently Asked Questions:

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