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Paul R. Brazil, Esquire

Image of a legal document headlined 'NEGLIGENCE' with a pen and gavel, alongside bold text 'CAN YOU SUE FOR NEGLIGENCE?' by Muller Brazil, conveying legal recourse in negligence cases.

9 min read

Can You Sue for Negligence? How to Prove Fault and Seek Justice

When life takes an unexpected turn, and you find yourself injured due to someone else’s carelessness or inaction, the question of seeking justice arises. But can you sue for negligence? How do you navigate the complex world of negligence cases and...

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Blog featured image of a woman holding her head and a caption that says “Internal Injuries from car accident

4 min read

Common Internal Injuries from a Car Accident

We will discuss some common internal injuries resulting from a car accident. Understanding the potential dangers of internal injuries can help...

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Blog featured image of an old man in a car holding his neck. and a caption that says “rear ended whiplash“

5 min read

Symptoms of Whiplash from a Rear-End Collision

Whiplash is a common injury for those who have experienced a rear-end collision. While many associate whiplash injury with neck pain, it can manifest...

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Blog featured image of men shaking hands over a table with a gavel and a caption that says “Personal Injury Settlements“

3 min read

Is It Worth It? 5 Real Life Settlement Payouts for Personal Injury

Personal injury lawsuits can win essentially any figure you can imagine. You may see an article reporting a huge multi-million dollar settlement won...

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Blog featured image of a gavel with a wooden blocks and a book and a caption that says “Taxes on Personal Injury Settlement“

2 min read

Personal Injury Settlements and Taxes: What You Need to Know

Before calculating how much compensation you will be receiving, it is important to understand whether the proceeds you receive from a personal injury...

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