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Philadelphia Slip and Fall Attorneys

If you’ve fallen on someone’s property, you may have a slip and fall case.

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Slip and Fall Lawsuits

Our team of fall lawyers can help you to recoup expenses associated with your serious injury at no cost to you. We’ll review your information and represent you for free. Not sure if you have a case? Our experienced slip and fall attorneys will ensure your claim is treated with dignity and that you are compensated for your pain. We can help if you’ve fallen due to:

  • Ice and snow on walkways
  • Snow covered parking lot
  • Broken steps, holes or unmarked walking hazards
  • Slippery floors
  • Code violations
  • Improper lighting
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Slip and Fall Injuries

Codes & Hazards

Property owners and managers are responsible for keeping their premises safe. This encompasses everything from code compliance to the removal of hazardous conditions. Property owners are responsible for minimizing dangerous conditions by:

  • Complying with building safety codes
  • Taking regular steps to detect dangers
  • Keeping walkways clear of snow, ice and clutter
  • Fixing falling hazards
  • Warning people if there is a known safety hazard
  • Ensuring a safe environment
Slip & Fall Accidents and the Elderly

Seniors make up a large majority of slip & fall accidents in the Philadelphia area. It’s important for property owners to consider the elderly when making decisions about the safety of their premises. If someone you love has fallen, they may have a personal injury case eligible for compensation. We’ll help you build a case by gathering your medical expenses and contacting your insurance company to help determine what amount of financial compensation you may be owed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is liable for my injury?

Many times it’s the negligent property owner who is liable for your injury, but the responsible party could also be the landlord, business owner, property management company, snow/ice removal contractor or cleaning company. If the person in charge knew about a hazard and failed to warn you, they are liable for your slip and fall injury.

What if I was trespassing on the property where I fell?

There are three types of visitors: licensee, invitee and trespasser. Property owners are responsible for safe conditions for people who work on the property (“licensees”), and attend the property (“invitees” like guests and customers), and may trespass on the property (“trespassers”). When it comes to trespassing, the owner is responsible for your injury if they could reasonably anticipate a trespasser’s presence on their property.

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Why Choose Muller Brazil?

New Jersey? Philadelphia? You need an experienced attorney to help you with your severe injury. Call Muller Brazil today for a free consultation to obtain legal advice about your slip and fall injury. We treat our clients with dignity and make a point to understand every detail of your slip & fall injury so that we can fairly and properly represent your case. At Muller Brazil, you work directly with a lawyer, not just a paralegal.

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