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Insurance Claims Denial Lawyers Philadelphia

If your insurance claim has been denied, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the end of the line. If you have an insurance dispute, our attorneys will go to bat for you.


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Rely on Muller Brazil When Your Insurance Claim is Denied

The experts at Muller Brazil know how to approach insurance companies and fight for a valid claim to obtain our client fair compensation. With our team by your side, we’ll challenge the insurance company and regain what was lost. We can help if you’ve been denied coverage for your Personal Injury case, such as a Car Accident, Slip & Fall, Social Security Disability, Disability Insurance, Workers’ Compensation and/or Nursing Home Neglect, Property Damage such as Real Estate Damage, Personal Property Damage, Flood Damage, Medical Injuries including Defective Medical Devices, Unsafe Drugs, Dangerous Products and/or Vaccine Injuries.


About Insurance Claim Denial

If your claim has recently been denied by an insurance company, you’re probably wondering about the reason. Insurance companies review multiple claims a day. They’re bound to make errors or to unfairly deny coverage simply because it’s better for their bottom line. The truth is, insurance companies have a business to run, and cutting corners in payouts means more money in their pocket.If your life insurance, health insurance or car insurance provider is continually denying your claim - contact our denial lawyers immediately for a free consultation.

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Common Reasons that insurance companies deny coverage

  • The insurance company replies that your losses are not covered under the existing policy.
  • The insurance company denies coverage due to a missed deadline to submit your claim.
  • The insurance company doesn’t believe the policyholder is at fault for the incident.
  • The insurance company doesn’t believe your injury and/or damages were caused by the incident.
  • The party responsible does not have insurance or applicable insurance benefits.
  • The party responsible does not have enough coverage.
  • The party responsible missed payments and their insurance has lapsed.
  • The insurance carrier doesn't believe you have a legitimate claim.
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What to Do When Your Insurance Claim is Denied

  • First, use our contact form below, obtain legal advice from our insurance denial lawyers, and secure legal representation. We’ll support you throughout the process to ensure the insurance company is not initiating a bad faith claim.
  • Ask the insurance adjuster to give you a written explanation: Why is the claim denied?
  • Ask the adjuster to provide you with a copy of the policy. Which aspects of the policy is the adjuster citing in the denial of the claim?
  • Depending on the response from the adjustor, we’ll walk you through the rest of the process. Next steps may include putting more pressure on the insurance company or filing a claim against a different party.
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Muller Brazil is a personal injury law firm with a human-centered approach. We understand the snowball effect that a denied claim can have on your health, finances and personal property. We act quickly and effectively to reopen denied claims and negotiate with insurance companies so you can get the compensation you deserve. With Muller Brazil, you’ll experience prompt communication and personalized care from expert attorneys.

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